Board of Governors 

St George College has a dedicated team of experienced educational, financial, legal, business development and marketing professionals who are responsible for shaping the College’s strategic direction.

The Very Reverend Father Diogenis Patsouris warmly welcomed the new Board of Governors at the handover Board Meeting on 14 December 2017.

Professor Stella Vosniadou Chair
Mr Emanuel Katsidonis Deputy Chair
Mr Peter Charatsis Public Officer
Mrs Fotina Soukoulis Board Member
Mrs Claire Papoulis Board Member (Parents & Friends Representative)
Mr Kosta Koutsonas Board Member
Mrs Connie Kosti Board Member
Ex-Officio Members  
Mr John Constant Community Representative
Mr Costa Fotopoulos Community Representative
Mrs Gina Kadis Principal
Mr Simon Atterton Head of Business Operations


Absent: Claire Papoulis


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